Building a lasting partnership

Our highly experienced team of professionals have a wide range of industry and functional backgrounds, and are committed to forging a strong and lasting partnership in order to find the best employees for your organization. We have extensive experience in dealing with large volume customers and have on-site supervisors available to assist with production/company targets and goals at no extra charge. This team member also acts as a liaison between HCM Staffing Solutions and our clients to promote open communication and expedite orders.

We know that we must earn our clients’ business and prove ourselves with each and every placement we make. Therefore, for each staffing concern, we provide a tailored solution that works for you and your organization. We make sure to respond quickly and effectively to all your staffing needs. We also understand that we must listen twice as much as we speak.

Getting to know your business

The services we provide are not simply a matter of filling a job order with a candidate, but acquiring a working knowledge of your organization. Getting to know your business culture and objectives will ensure that we can provide a seamless match between our resources and your requirements. When we arrive at your location, we like to do a site inspection and/or office tour to properly understand your company culture and the specific job functions that our field staff employees will be performing.

The Costs of Hiring

Whether you are hiring one permanent employee, or a team of temporary field staff for a spike in production, it is important to look closely at the real costs of hiring in terms of time, energy, and resources.

Typically, after placing a costly advertisement, you receive an abundance of resumes – some with and some without the skill sets you are looking for. After qualifying each candidate and calling to set up interviews, the field still needs to be narrowed down by further reference checks and possible testing to verify noted qualifications. And yet, after this considerable commitment of time, energy, and resources, you may still not find a suitable candidate.

HCM Staffing Solutions can help to minimize your initial involvement by taking care of this exhausting process for you. Therefore allowing you to concentrate on what is most important – your business. We will expedite the recruitment process while weeding out the weaker candidates, thus leaving only a strong pool of qualified candidates for you to interview. We want to increase your bottom-line results. Therefore, our goal is to provide you with the right number of productive temporary employees, not just more temporary employees.

Streamline Hiring

HCM Staffing Solutions will work hand in hand to streamline your hiring needs and lower your costs of hiring by:

Prescreening Potential Employees

We use an extensive interviewing process, including behavioural and skills-based testing coupled with thorough reference checks.


Our field staff arrive trained and ready to work, with the skills necessary to get the job done.


We take care of all necessary documentation and will process it accordingly, on your behalf.


We produce Records of Employment and other related termination paperwork.

Employment Type


HCM Staffing Solutions is responsible for all government remittances such as CPP, EI, Employers Health Tax and Workers Compensation coverage. We also take care of Record of Employment, the issuance of T4 slips, Vacation Pay, and Statutory Holiday Pay.


We provide a comprehensive range of services, including Industrial and Clerical positions, and Skilled Trades.


We staff a range of positions, and ensure that each HCM Staffing Solutions’ employee is fully tested, referenced, and ready, able and willing to work. The positions we place include:

Industrial Positions

• Shipping/Receiving
• Loading/Unloading
• Quality Control Specialists
• Order Picking
• Packaging
• Light Assembly
• Forklift Operators
• Driver’s Helpers
• Material Handling
• Inventory Control
• Machine Operation
• Food Service

Clerical Positions

• Administrative/Executive Assistants
• Customer Service Representatives
• Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerks
• Data Entry Operators
• Book Keeping
• Receptionists
• Call Centre Agents
• Graphic Designers
• Secretaries
• Filing/Office Clerks

Skilled Trades

• Maintenance Mechanics
• Electricians
• Millwrights
• Machinists
• Welders
• Tool & Die Makers
• Carpenters
• Plumbers

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Sewing Machine Operators Needed Immediately for our client near Dixie/Eglinton in Mississauga.
- Thursday Feb 19 - 2:14pm

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